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Feedback and review that’s fast, contextual and effortless.

Eliminate the need to recall time stamps or to overly explain desired revisions. You can easily add feedback, highlight parts of the file, or sketch directly on top of video to help provide more context to what’s being discussed. Simply click any file to annotate, discuss and resolve feedback.

Feedback and review that’s fast, contextual and effortless | Cage
Sam Allen
"Our team have been using Cage since 2012 - the newest version has taken it on to another level – we love it!"

Sam Allen

Operations Director at Zeta

Faster approvals from everyone | Cage

Faster approvals from everyone.

A straightforward, on the record way for stakeholders to approve work with date and time stamps. Your team and reviewers can approve work in Cage as you share it. Track who has approved the work (and when), and who hasn’t, when approval from multiple people is needed. In-app approvals help keep accountability and transparency with everyone involved. Need to encourage someone to provide feedback? We have you covered with “request approval reminders”.

Simple Version History.

Save and present the versions you want to share and not the countless others that you’ve saved. Preview past versions of files and see the evolution of your work with all the previous conversations in perfect context.

Simple Version History | Cage

Source Files

Your source files are fully preserved with complete comment history in case you need to roll back changes.


Each version is date and time-stamped for additional transparency. Track how many changes you’ve been making.

Resolve Feedback

As you update a new version, use the tools available to resolve any outstanding feedback so that you can track what changes were addressed.

Dré Barnes
"When it comes to technology, I live by the three C's: making tech convenient, connecting and conversational. Cage checks all three boxes. It's a no-brainer, seriously."

Dré Barnes


Collaborate directly on 150+ file formats

Upload and share your files with anyone. Simplify getting large files to vendors, clients, and remote teams. Cage supports over 150+ file formats and codecs, so you’ll never have to worry about needing special software to view and leave feedback on anything.

Simple Asset Management | Cage

Communicate using annotations.

Use a variety of tools to highlight and mark up files to provide extra clarity, without any of the extra work. Plus, you can directly mention people on your team, convey tone using emojis and opt to make comments private or public to ensure the right people are involved.

Communicate using annotations | Cage

Special thanks to our pal Jason Yang.

Jason Yang, the talented designer behind Invisible Element and Work More or Less graciously allowed us to showcase his work. You can check out our interview with Jason on our blog.

Special thanks to our pal Jason Yang.

Jason Yang is the founder of Invisible Element a studio that specializes in art direction, design, illustration and motion graphics for clients and brands including ESPN, Oklahoma City Thunder, Bushnell Golf and iHeart Radio. Work More or Less is where he plays.

Special thanks to our pal Jason Yang.

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