“Intuitive interface laced with awesome features, well worth it!
You will love it”
David PomfretSimple as Milk
“The new Cage is damn sexy.”
Elliot Jay StocksViewport Industries
“All of our teams are now in sync, providing feedback, and producing better work.”
Karla SantiBlend Interactive
“Love the platform and the attention to detail. But more importantly, am impressed with the team.”
Micah BaldwinGraphicly
“We needed a simple way of presenting mockups and tracking feedback in relation to the interface. Cage scratches that itch and more.”
Stefan HartwigElectric Pulp
“Our clients are blown away when we send them work to review in Cage and we love that.”
Philip BakerStaplegun
“Check out Cage if you're looking for a simple no fuss way to give feedback.”
Adelle CharlesTinder
“These guys have built a product every designer love. Great product, great team.”
Mauricio CremerAckerman McQueen
“Great software allows users to save time, energy and money doing what you do best. That is Cage.”
Cory MilleriThemes
“Cage has done the impossible, bridged the feedback gap between designer and client. The app is slick.”
John MeyerLemonly
“Love how simple Cage makes the process of getting work approved.”
Paul WilkesFoundry Collective
“When it comes to reviewing, refining, and perfecting our designs, nothing is as simple as Cage.”
Tom McFarlin8BIT
Cage is like the Super Mario Brothers power-up mushroom for creative collaboration”
Shane KemptonPhase 2
“Cage saves me hours of wasteful time spent on tracking emails, attachments and screenshots for clients and their designs.”
Alex ParkerAgency Fusion
“Cage has allowed our team to communicate more effectively and efficiently while empowering our clients throughout the design process.”
Jesse MatlockRevive Marketing
“We believe in using products like Cage that make our creative process more streamlined and effective.”
Mike JonesScissortail Creative
“Cage is crazy simple. Even more importantly, my clients find it easy to use, and that’s saying something.”
Aaron BazinetFire Lab
“Cage stores subjective feedback in a useful and direct way, which helps us collaborate with clients easier than ever.”
Bojan MesarKreativa
“Great product. Love what you are doing here.”
Ryan WakeFour11 Mentors
“We are seriously loving Cage. It allows us to streamline the design process and collect client feedback in one place.”
Tim KilcherD4 Designs
“Cage App addresses a primary and specific need of creative types working with clients, and does it perfectly.”
George CoghillCoghill Cartooning
“Cage allows me to be more productive and interact with my clients much more seamlessly.”
Brian PensingerPhoster Creative